Our Cat Scan Equipment

At Millburn Medical Imaging, we have a state-of-the-art Philips MX 16 slice multidetector scanner, which produces clear, highly detailed images. The system is designed to assure reliable scanning performance, enhanced workflow operation, and reduced X-ray dose.

Millburn Medical Imaging has taken the Image Gently and Image Wisely pledges, which ensure radiation safety in Pediatric and Adult Imaging.

“I was very comfortable taking my MRI. This is my first time not being uncomfortable or scared.”“MMI is a comfortable warm environment that ensures the safety of its patients. Highly recommended.” “Courteous, efficient staff and on-time service! I had a wonderful experience!” “Staff was friendly and courteous, made my experience very comfortable. Didn’t even feel like a doctor’s office.” “The technician offered to play my choice of music, and offered me a blanket as well. They made every effort to make me warm and relaxed.” “Doctors and technicians were very nice and polite. Very pleasant experience.”“Excellent—great services, great staff, great experience!”“Been coming here for 20 years. Will never go anywhere else!”
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