MR Angiography


Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) is a specialized MRI scan that is optimized to evaluate blood vessels. It is usually done to evaluate arteries for sites of blockage but can also be done to evaluate for blood clots or narrowing of the major veins in the body.


MRA has been shown to be very accurate and avoids the potential risks of bleeding complications and radiation exposure inherent in conventional angiography. The other type of procedure that is currently being done for diagnostic angiography is computed tomography angiography (CTA). CTA does expose patients to radiation while MRA does not.


Depending on the blood vessels that need to be imaged, MRA may require an injection of contrast material into an IV in the arm. Some exams such as MRA's of the brain don't require an injection of this contrast while other types of MRA's provide better pictures if dye is injected. The contrast material is very safe but should not be used in patients with severe kidney failure. Millburn Medical Imaging has the capability to perform MRA of all body parts without the injection of gadolinium contrast in patients who have kidney failure. 

Common MRA examinations are:

  • MRA of the brain to check for aneurysms or blockage of arteries
  • MRA of the carotid arteries to look for blockages that may cause a stroke
  • MRA of the aorta in the chest or abdomen to look for aneurysms
  • MRA of the renal arteries to check for blockages that may cause kidney failure or hypertension
  • MRA of the arteries in the legs to look for blockages that may cause leg pain (claudication)
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Non-Contrast MRA

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